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Substantial and detailed autograph letter from M.L. Dawson, a Philadelphia merchant and brewer, to his wife, narrating his Cuban adventures and his onboard activities while traveling from Havana to New Orleans, 1847 March 7-April 1

 Item — Box: 2, Folder: 11
Scope and Contents An eleven- page letter from Mordecai L. Dawson, merchant, and proprietor of the M.L. Dawson and Co. brewery in Philadelphia, addressed to his "dear wife". Written over the course of a few weeks during his time in Havana and onboard a ship traveling from Cuba to New Orleans in the spring of 1847. The letter acts as a kind of brief diary of Dawson's time in Cuba and the Gulf of Mexico and contains much information on the people and places he saw in and around Havana, and much on the ship’s...
Dates: 1847 March 7-April 1

Report on the contributions of the island of Cuba presented by intendant Antonio Larrua, 1849

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents This 23-paged booklet presents the reader with reports on taxes, imports, exports and other costs in Cuba from the year 1841. Antonio Larrua, intendant of Havana during this time, discusses this information using text, tables and figures. Some of the data presented comes from the 1841 Cuban census and discloses important information regarding the statistics on slavery, the exports of sugar, tobacco and other goods from the island, and the imports of grain from the United States. Aside from...
Dates: 1849

John Richmond letter to Henry Dundas, 1800 May 22

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents

An unknown and unpublished letter by a Scottish spy in Cuba addressed to Henry Dundas. John Richmond wrote this letter to Dundas to explain that he had been sent to Cuba to spy on its military fortifications and strength. The letter is signed by John Richmond.

Dates: 1800 May 22

Letter book of the Brig Barbara kept by Ship Master William T. Stevenson II, 1821 December-1822 December

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents The manuscript letter book of the Brig Barbara ship kept by Ship Master William T. Stevenson II contains the business records that Stevenson undertook on behalf of Loving, Cunningham and Company, the owners of the ship. This volume, which dates from December 1821-December 1822, consists of letters not only from Stevenson to the owners, but also to the suppliers and to the buyers of cargo, evidencing the type of commerce that was prevalent during this time period. Stevenson used this...
Dates: 1821 December-1822 December

Alexander Graham Dunlop letter to Lord Augustus Loftus, 1875 November 30

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents Alexander Graham Dunlop (1814-1892) was a Scottish diplomat and author. The letter, dated November 30, 1875, was sent from Edinburgh, Scotland shortly after his return as British Consul of Havana. It's addressed to Lord Augustus William Frederick Spencer Loftus (1817-1904), British ambassador to several European courts. Lord Augustus appointed Dunlop in 1859 as his private secretary. Lord Augusts was also Dunlop's mentor and confident throughout their lives. This letter is marked "private"...
Dates: 1875 November 30

Travel Pass for D. Marqués D.J. Lane issued by the Governor of Havana, 1865 November 15

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents A travel pass for D. Marqués D.J. Lane issued on November 15, 1865 by the Governor of the Jurisdiction of Havana, Cuba. The front of the page is a form with blank spaces in which the applicant had to provide the following information: name, place of origin, profession, the name of the ship in which the applicant arrived, port of origin and date. Not all of the blank spaces were filled out on this particular travel pass. The form is missing information about the origin of the traveler. The...
Dates: 1865 November 15

Manifesto written by G. Aguilera y Zayas to the people of Calabazar, Ceja de Pablo, Quemado de Güines and Rancho Veloz in Cuba, 1878 September 18

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents

This document is a call to action for the populations of Calabazar, Ceja de Pablo, Quemado de Giiines, and Rancho Veloz to create their own PUC committees. Through their participation and the exercise of their political rights, they would be able to assure that their ideology would influence the reforms in Cuba. It was written in the form of a letter and concludes with the printed signature of the secretary of the PUC (Cuba), Gabriel Aguilera y Zayas.

Dates: 1878 September 18

Bill of landing for a shipment of cargo from Cuba to Russia, 1825 May 13

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents

This manuscript is a one sheet document and is signed by John A. Grace and Isaiah M. Atkins. Atkins, the shipmaster of the Madison, wrote this bill of landing for 396,091 Spanish pounds of white sugar and 36,000 Spanish pounds of logwood. The shipment was made by John A. Grace on 13 May 1825 from the port of Matanzas to the port of St. Petersburg.

Dates: 1825 May 13

Contract of agreement to charter the American brig Jennie Phinney, 1879 January 23

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 8
Scope and Contents

In this contract, Sánchez details the specifications of the Jennie Phinney brig, including its capacities and when and where it was built. Sánchez also specifies that J. F. Brown will be the captain on the ship and that the brig will stop at either the Philadelphia, New York, or Boston port. This manuscript also includes one sheet signed by Edward A. Sánchez, J.F. Brown and Heidegger H.

Dates: 1879 January 23

Regulations of the Custom houses in the Island of Cuba, for the government of the Captains and Supercargos of Spanish and foreign vessels engaged in this trade, circa 1850-1860

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 9
Scope and Contents

This folio mainly deals with manifests, cargo handling, timing of submitting paperwork and the penalties associated with non-compliance. The manuscript includes a small 3-page folio printed in Spanish, English and French. The end of the document indicates that the translation is certify by Ignacio de Arrieta.

Dates: circa 1850-1860